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Basic Crete Urethane Slurry
100% Solids. Low odor, One step, no primer or top coat is required, 3/16” to 1/4” self leveling, urethane slurry coating. Withstands aggressive chemical and thermal attack while providing abrasion resistance and UV protection. Applications include Chemical Processing, Bottling Areas, Foods Processing Sanitize Wash Areas, Cook/Chill Areas, Plant Vehicle Aiseles,Pharmaceutical Mfg/Production Areas, Bakeries, Warehouses, Cage Wash Areas, Animal Care Areas. Meets USDA, FDA and OSHA Standards.

• Low Odor
• Co-Efficient of Thermal Expansion Similar to Concrete
• Super Adhesion
• Super Chemical Resistance
• Easy Maintenance
• Thermal Shock Resistance
• Tolerates Dampness

Basic Crete Urethane Mortar
100% Solids. One step, UV protection low odor, trowel applied Urethane Mortar. Withstands aggressive chemical and thermal attack while providing abrasion resistance. No primer or top coat is required. 18 sq. ft. @ 1/4”, 12 sq.ft. @3/8” excellent for food and chemical processing, kitchens bottling and sanitized areas.

• Low Odor
• Co-efficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete
• Super Adhesion
• Super Chemical Resistance
• Easy Maintenance
• Tolerates Dampness
• Meets USDA, FDA and OSHA standards

Basic Epoxy P.B.T.
Basic Epoxy P.B.T. is a clear, low odor, two component 100% solids, thermosetting epoxy designed specifically for a one amterial epoxy floor. Although it cures into a very hard solid, it does not become "brittle" like glass but retains a sufficient amount of resilience to withstand impack and vibration. Basic Epoxy P.B.T. is the most advanced formulation of its kind. ASTM tests prove its superiority, professional flooring contractors acclaim its ease of use. This material is an excellent binder for a non-skid Basic Quartz broadcast or the decorative Basic Chip floor.

• Excellent Clarity
• Fast Curing
• Low Odor
• No VOC's
• Superb Chemical Resistance
• Special Purpose Formulations
• Versatile Usage

Basic HC Epoxy TC
BASIC H-C EPOXY TOP COAT is a light amber, two component, thermosetting epoxy composed of 100% solids resins designed for applications requiring resistance to solvents, organic and inorganic acids, and caustics at temperatures to 180°F. BASIC HC EPOXY TC is designed for use as a coating, or as the matrix resin in BASIC EPOXY P.B.T. The material offers excellent chemical resistance and meets USDA, FDA, and OSHA standards.

• 100% Solids
• Meets UDSA, FDA, OSHA standards

Basic Flexible Epoxy
This is an excellent, 2 part, 100% solids, elastomeric high build epoxy joint and crack filler. The material offers no Solvents, good resistance to salt, oil, gasoline and detergents, excellent adhesion, elongation 150% with low odor.

• Easy to Pour or Inject
• No Exudation on Surface
• Easy to Use 1:2 Mix Ratio
• No Shrinkage
• Semi-rigid Even Low Temperatures

Typical Uses
• Construction Joints
• Isolation Joints
• Expansion Joints

Basic Filler LT
BASIC FILLER LT is a 100% solids two component, self leveling, polyurea formulation designed for filling holes, cracks, expansion joints, construction joints, ect. on interior horizontal concrete surfaces. The semi-rigid cured property of this material will support the concrete edges of joints better than soft, flexible joint compounds. BASIC FILLER LT has sufficient resilience to allow 10-15% movement of installed joints. It retains resilience at temperatures as low as -45°F. The mixture is easily applied into cracks and joints. BASIC FILLER LT cures tack free in 5 minutes, and is ready for recoating in 1 hour.

• 460-500% Elongation • Cures from -40°F to 13°F
• Odorless, No Toxic Vapors • USDA Approved
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Basic Epoxy PB
Basic Polymers BASIC EPOXY PB is a high solids, two component epoxy resin systems used for general purpose decorative aggregate and heavy duty industrial flooring systems. BASIC EPOXY PB possesses good chemical resistance, with excellent compressive strength and abrasion resistance. BASIC EPOXY PB is acceptable for use in USDA inspected facilities, has good chemical resistance with high compressive and tensile strength. The material is abrasion resistance and available with an
anitimicrobial agent.
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Basic Novolac Epoxy
BASIC NOVOLAC EPOXY is a premium quality protective coating and aggregate binder designed to provide the optimum protection against
chemicals, acids, solvents, high temperatures, ect. The new formula has better UV stability than the previous NOVOLAC formulation. Tests and in-the-field experience on floors indicated that BASIC NOVOLAC EPOXY is resistant to most solvents and most organic and inorganic acids. In addition to the superior chemical resistance, heat distortion is also greatly improved. Intermittent exposure up to 250°F (122°C) has little effect.

• High Heat Distortion Temperature
• Superior Chemical Resistance
• Superior Solvent Resistance
• Superior Stain Resistance

Typical Uses
• Pharmaceutical Plants
• Bakeries
• Commercial Kitchens
• Chemical Storage Warehouses
• Metal Planting and Picking Rooms
• Acid Cleaning Bath Areas
• Pulp and Paper Mills
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Basic Aliphatic Urethane Glaze
BASIC ALIPHATIC URETHANE GLAZE is a two-component; clear polyester, high solids protective coating. It is designed to provide the best possible wear ability without the VOC concerns encountered with traditional urethane systems. It should be used as a topcoat over BASIC COLOR QUARTZ and BASIC NOVOLAC EPOXY.

• Easy to Use Mix Ratio
• Good Solvant Resistance
• Lower Odor
• Good Chemical Resistance
• Good Stain Resistance
• More on the Floor
• Higher Solids, Lower VOC
• Non-Ambering
• Excellent Abrasion

Typical Uses
• Performance Topcoat for BASIC-EPOXY P.B.T.
• Performance Topcoat for BASIC HC EPOXY TC
• Re-Coat for dull epoxy/urethane coatings
• Performance Topcoat for BASIC-EPOXY P.B.
• Maintenance Bays and Machine Shops
• Firehouse Floors

Armor Glaze 5000
ARMOR GLAZE 5000 is a unique, high solids water-based epoxy used as a grout and or topcoat for the ARMOR GLAZE floor systems and as a concrete sealer. This product can be applied in films up to 20 miles without impacting cure properties and offers better UV resistance than traditional epoxies.

• Can be applied to green concrete or wood
• Breathable
• Low Odor
• Meets low VOC requirements
• Good chemical resistance
• Excellent UV stability
• Long working time

Typical Uses
ARMOR GLAZE 5000 is used as a grout and seal coat for Basic Polymers flooring systems or as a concrete sealer. May also be used on other slurry broadcast systems or as a clear sealer for stained concrete.
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Water Base Epoxy 3500
Water Base Epoxy 3500 produces a low gloss, tough and cleanable finish. Water Base Epoxy 3500 has excellent hiding properties and provides a quick turnaround, economical two coat system. Its low odor and quick recoat window allows installation without interruption of other trades on vertical or horizontal surfaces. Can be used with chip flooring system.

• Excellent adhesion to most substrates
• Low gloss
• Long pot life but fast dry times, Easy to apply, less roller lint
• Tough as epoxy but applies like a latex Low odor, low VOC
• Provides a durable, easily cleanable surface
• Improved chemical versus latex or acrylic paints
• Can be tinted

Typical Uses
Water Base Epoxy 3500 can be used in facilities requiring sanitary floor and wall surfaces including pharmaceutical, food, beverage, healthcare, showrooms, hallways, kitchens, bath and washroom areas, clean room environments and correctional/institutional facilities.
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